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Miami Talent Castings was founded by Diane Lopes in 2006. Its primary objective is to provide quality entertainment and services to clients in show business. Aligned with Mystik Models Entertainment CEO, Timothy Williams, their objective is to present Mystik Models from the runway to the big screen. Collectively, Mystik Models Entertainment and MIAMI TALENT CASTING will represent the fresh faces of today that will be the celebrity faces of tomorrow. The CEO, Timothy Williams, Currently, his primary objective is to focus his time and energy in presenting film documentaries, television programs, etc. for our Talent/Models. He is presently working on several projects, including a new organization for minority men in business. The organization is called The Men's Collective. This will present opportunities while building on their endeavors, while keeping the same principles: quality, service and client satisfaction.
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Mission Statement

Mystik Modeling Entertainment is a highly motivated, professional modeling agency that employs three simple ideals:
•Maximization of new markets.
•Personal development and VIP treatment of our models.
•Optimum service and outstanding quality to all facets of the fashion/entertainment industry.

MME is a community of professionals that share a passion for supplying , quality modeling talent to the expanding advertising and modeling industry.  It is our aim to educate, train and support every one of our diverse and beautifully unique talents into a realm of national success and notability.

Model's Eye Formed in 2000 by Timothy Williams and Brian Cunningham, the company has already grown from a repertoire of a dozen models to over two hundred in December 2005 with the goal to quadruple by October 2006 in part, due to the extraordinary efforts of Ellie Maurice and David Preston founding members of EM Link Publicity. In a short time we have procured amazing talent in the beginnings and intermediate stages of development.  This has lead to relationships with some of the top “names” in mediums including: MTV, BET, HBO and E! Entertainment for television; Miramax at the Films; Cagle Vision Films spots in fashion week NYC; as well as shoots for Allure, FHM, Maxim, and Playboy. MME Model
It was decided that even those rare gems that possess the qualities that lead to super stardom need an active, trustworthy guide that could take them from the relative unknown to a position of notability on a national level.  “Education is key.”  And we take it upon ourselves to treat every member as part of the family.
Simultaneously the best businesses within the industry need a company they can rely upon for the best service and quality talent on a professional level. All talent provided is superior in training and extremely professional in conduct, appearance and attitude within a variety of mediums including fashion, television, magazine, music and film.  With no exception all clients, vendors and industry businesses are accommodated with luxury treatment, security and respect.

The MME values cultural diversity among  all else.  Our strength and our brilliance is due to the high number of cultural backgrounds we employ.  MYSTIK modeling has discovered and employed talents from all cultures and heritages that live and thrive in the city of New York.  The gambit includes everything from European, South American, Asian, and African heritages.  Our appeal is only heightened by being able to adapt to the cultural demands of any and all of these current US markets.
Model with dark hair Our business code of ethics is one in gold.  Our models and our contacts come first.  As a trend setter, it is our responsibility to further the needs and values of those we employ as well as those we do business alongside.  The image of our talent and our client base is first and foremost on the frontier of strategy and the interpreting of market research.

The success of our client-base and of our talent was founded on intense work ethic compounded with family-oriented support and professional business systems.

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